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vom Wiredhaus strongly supports the progeny testing program and the breed standards the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar is built on. This system of testing and standards is the reason the DD has become the quality versatile hunting dog it is. It is the reason the DD of the future will be better than it is today.

Our goal here at vom Wiredhaus kennels is to provide serious hunting dogs with a good character. These dogs will retrieve waterfowl all morning and hunt, point, and retrieve upland birds all afternoon. We also expect our dogs to be excellent at tracking both blood and birds. Our dogs will recover wounded deer as well as track and find wounded birds in the upland and in the water. Temperament is a coin with many sides: calmness in the house as well as the duck blind, mental stability in normal as well as difficult situations, friendly nonagressive behavior around other dogs and people, and a happy attitude in the field and around the house. I'm sure you could add more to this list, but these are character traits I'm most trying to produce at vom Wiredhaus. As a hunting guide for eighteen years, I've enjoyed the opportunity to hunt with many breeds of dogs. The past seventeen years my hunting buddy has been a Drahthaar and I can honestly say for the type of hunting I do, the DD is by far the best breed for me.

Though I strive to produce pups that are very talented in all aspects of natural ability, there are traits I want to be especially strong: temperament, pointing, and desire to produce game. Having been to Germany many times in the past twelve years, I've had the opportunity to visit many kennels and talk with many German handlers and breeders. These trips to Germany have also given me the chance to hunt and train with DDs from a variety of kennels. Through these experiences and bit of trial and error, I have found DD lines that are producing dogs with the genetic traits most suited to the types of hunting we do here in the United States. This includes the traits I mentioned earlier as well the coat and conformation we need in America. I like dogs of medium size, very good athleticism, and the stamina and structure to hunt all day and for several days.

I believe this information should give you an accurate description of what we at vom Wiredhaus are about in our breeding program.


Jim L. Wilson

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